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Tubular Optimization Services has operated for 10 years with an impeccable track record. No other company has a more stringent, yet rewarding safety program in the industry. Our elevated standards for field running procedures mean our customers are ensured quality and reliability every time.

Quality Control

Our quality control procedures always exceed manufacturer’s guidelines. We strive to ensure all facets of our Customers invested tubular interests are taken care of. We are able to search the globe for speciality tubulars due to our world wide networking. All API grades and sizes, Premium connections, Fiberglass lined tubing, Powder coated tubing and the highest grades of cold worked CRA material in the world.


How do you know Tubular Optimization Services practices and good environmental stewardship?

All of our employees are trained in the use of Material Safety Data Sheets, the proper disposal of used materials, the transportation of dangerous goods and personal protective equipment. A safety sheet including these referenced areas is submitted to head office after every job.

  • No spill policy
  • Leave the environment in a better condition than when we arrived
  • Leak proof bags and containers used for cleaning up tubular and storing of protectors
  • Use of green products

Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our office and field standards always exceed the industry average.
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